An Indonesian Idyll

Words escape me. Seriously. I’m too tired from lack of sleep (jet lag, re-entry into the “real” world, etc.) to write anything coherent so I’ll let my photos tell the story for now.

P1080327I just returned a few days ago from our small boat cruise through the Nusa Tenggara region of the Indonesian archipelago, hosted by Sea Trek Sailing Adventures. There was no access to the internet during the cruise, so this is my first and only blog post of the trip. A full article on the trip will be out in a few months.

This trip featured lots of highlights. As you can see from the photo above plus the two below, the scenery was one. P1080300P1080281The exotic culture of the islands was another.P1080079 P1080427And seeing the legendary Komodo Dragons up close was one of the primary attractions of the trip for me. These prehistoric relics are some of the creepiest and scariest animals I have ever seen. P1080338 P1080206It was a pretty relaxing trip, with lots of time to lounge on the deck as we motored past the islands.P1080474But there was also plenty of activity, including hiking in Komodo National Park and kayaking on a warm, peaceful salt water lake in a volcanic caldera created by a huge tsunami that swept the islands a couple hundred years ago.P1080467

We snorkeled at least once a day, probably the best snorkeling I have ever experienced. Unfortunately I don’t have an underwater camera so you’ll have to make do with this photo of Katherine showing off the latest in snorkeling fashions, as well as her knockout figure. P1080365And the company was great — a friendly Indonesian crew, four friends from Australia, the architect who supervised the renovation of the boat (an American ex pat living in Indonesia with his family), two young women — one from Argentina, the other from Mexico — who gave lessons in free diving, our guide (originally from Alaska), and the manager of the boat, orginally from the Netherlands. Lots of laughs and good conversation throughout the trip.P1080518That’s it for now. I’m going to take a nap….

3 thoughts on “An Indonesian Idyll

  1. WOW … O … WOW … you are right the credit goes to the destination amazing and “funtastic” … really have fun … and scary too with the gaping crocodiles ready to jump on you.. did they? Perla

    • No. He (she?) didn’t look all that happy about me hovering nearby snapping photos but I don’t think he could have gotten to me that easily. Or at least I hope he couldn’t.

  2. I work in Larantuka in the east of flores island, and next month, me and my friends gonna overland Flores from Maumere to Komodo National Park for 10 days. it’s gonna be my first adventure, but in fact, I already have visited Lake Kalimutu twice (with different colours in 2012 and 2014), climb mount Egon in Sikka Region, visited Spider Web Rice Field in Manggarai, and the Liang Bua, the cave of Hobbit in Manggarai. Flores is more extraodinaire than Bali. 🙂

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