“…and on the Seventh Day He Rested”

Well, it was more like the sixth day. And despite how I act on occasion, I really don’t think I’m God (or G-d, or even a god).             P1090603

The view above is from our patio at Quinta do Barranco da Estrada, the last stop in our Portugal perambulations (not counting Lisbon, which we added on to the Macs Adventure itinerary). The website for the Qunta is fittingly, “www.paradise-in-portugal.com.” Couldn’t agree more.

About an hour further north and inland from our last stop near the Rota Vicentina, the Qunita is in the Alentejo region, a place of lakes, rolling hills and forests of oak and eucalyptus. As soon as we arrived and plopped down on the patio in front of our cottage, I knew that we were taking the rest of the day off to sit on the patio, gaze at the lake, read, and pet one of the four dogs that live there,

P1090608 and explore the lodge and flower-flecked grounds.

IMG_3455P1090635P1090637P1090614We also took a short hike around the area to check out the views of the lake from different perspectives. P1090613 P1090619 P1090633 IMG_3460We did go for 6 mile hike the next day along the roads and through a forest to a little village, but for the first time in the entire trip, we did manage to get lost. Well, maybe not lost, but we did miss an overgrown leg of the trail and ended up backtracking and continuing our hike on the dirt road connecting the Quinta to the outside world. The views from the road were not as dramatic as the Rota Vicentina, but matched our relaxed, easy going pace and mood. IMG_3468We never found the village but I did find some of the most interesting forest fungus I have ever seen. P1090622P1090624P1090630

I’m not sure how they would have been sauteed with some butter and garlic — or if I would have even been around to write this blog if I had tried them — but they looked just perfect where they were.

(Don and Katherine’s trip was hosted by Macs Adventure)

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