Antarctica: “Why?” or “Wow!”

When I tell someone I’m going to Antarctica, I get one of two possible reactions — an incredulous, “why are you going,” or an enthusiastic, “wow, I always wanted to go.”P1070067

The overwhelming majority of my friends, colleagues and especially my wife had the first reaction when I told them that I was heading to Antarctica for the third time. “But this trip was different,” I noted. This time I was heading down to the icy continent to see whales on One Ocean Expeditions’ “Marine Mammals of Antarctica” trip. One Ocean Expeditions, who hosted me on this trip, describes it as “whale watching on an adventure cruise along the Antarctic Peninsula.” That simple phrase doesn’t do this trip justice.

Rather than try to describe the trip at this point (I will when I write my article, which will probably come out later this year), I will let my photos tell the story. I am not a professional photographer nor am I well versed in the technical features of photography or of my-easy-to-use, point-and-click Panasonic Lumix (no renumeration was exchanged for this blatant plug — I’m just appreciative of a good product). Antarctica can turn every amateur photographer into a pro. It is just, hands down, the most photogenic place on earth.

That’s all I’m going to say (other than give credit for the “why or wow” distinction to someone on the cruise — unfortunately I can’t remember who). The first four photos are of Ushuaia, the town at the bottom of Argentina where the trip began, the ship, and my cabin. After that, it’s all Antarctica.P1060169 P1060153 P1060146 P1060140

P1060235 P1070453 P1070445 P1070412 P1070325 P1070218 P1070090 P1070087 P1070067 P1070053 P1070040 P1070034 P1070030 P1070012 P1060998 P1060980 P1060976 P1060963 P1060946 P1060935 P1060930 P1060923 P1060910 P1060907 P1060905 P1060903 P1060899 P1060896 P1060884 P1060875 P1060867 P1060864 P1060862 P1060840 P1060829 P1060803 P1060777 P1060751 P1060736 P1060731 P1060730 P1060715 P1060646 P1060644 P1060640 P1060637 P1060624 P1060616 P1060615 P1060611 P1060610 P1060600 P1060593 P1060582 P1060576 P1060566 P1060564 P1060555 P1060554 P1060544 P1060540 P1060487 P1060479 P1060475 P1060469 P1060465 P1060459 P1060365 P1060336 P1060290 P1060288

And this last photo is of me in a moment of reflection captured by another passenger on the boat (whose name I’ve also forgotten). I remember the moment though. It was at the end of our last shore excursion, essentially the end of the trip. Since I probably won’t pass this way again, I was trying to burn the view, the experience and my feelings into my memory. I’m not sure if I succeeded.If you’re interested, I’ll let you know in a few years.


10 thoughts on “Antarctica: “Why?” or “Wow!”

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you liked the photos, but I guess you probably have some spectacular shots of your own.

  1. Looks like you’ve been bitten by the bug and are now addicted to Antarctica too Don – welcome to AA (Antarctics Anonymous).

    • Not so “anonymous,” but yes, I’ve obviously been bitten. BTW was it you who came up with “Antarctica, why or wow”?

  2. Ach Don,
    Its like I can t stop looking at your pictures
    and feel again and again the deep inpression and the pure feelings Antarctica
    left in my memory and in my heart.Your pictures are so beautifull ,the days spent on the icecontinent were so exeptional that we will never forget.
    Thanks for this special artistic document.

    • Thanks Michele. I know what you mean. The photos keep pulling me back to the trip. But I have to move and start planning my next big trip — around the world from Los Angeles to Ireland, Scandinavia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The last three will be on a two week trip that I will lead (see for more info).

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