Aside from Rick Perry and the Dallas Cowboys….

…I love Texas. Or at least West Texas. To be more specific, Brewster County, the home of Big Bend and the ghost town of Terlingua. P1100207

Yesterday we canoed down the Rio Grande on a trip run by the Far Flung Outdoor Center. It was a slow, leisurely paddle through canyons and beautiful desert scenery. The trip was broken up by a long lunch, a two mile hike through the desert, and a soak in the hot springs on the river. It was a serene excursion except for the traffic jam when three canoes got hung up in the same shallow stretch of the river. One overturned. The occupants walked a few feet to shore while the guides emptied the water out of the canoe and we continued on our way. It was that kind of trip.

I’ll write more later when I have a reliable internet signal (you’ve heard that before. What can I say; Big Bend is very remote). Until then, enjoy the photos.

P1100213 P1100226 P1100231 P1100224 P1100229 P1100232 P1100234 P1100238 P1100250 P1100255 P1100284 P1100287(Don and Katherine’s trip is being hosted by the Brewster County Tourism Council.¬†For more information on Big Bend travel, see Big Bend Texas Travel Company)


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