Breathless in Quito

On our way to the Galapagos, we stopped in Quito, Ecuador, for a day. At over 9000 feet Quito is the highest capital city in the world ……

P1080677……with spectacular views, magnificent churches and an Old Town that was one of the first cities to become a World Heritage Site.

We started the day by taking the Teleferico, a cable car, to a series of look outs with sweeping views over the city. We hiked up until we ran out of breath at almost 15,000 feet.

P1080633P1080626Visits to several ornate cathedrals, a walk through Old Town , and a stop at an artisans’ market filled up the rest of our day.P1080642

P1080664P1080665P1080711I’m exhausted from a combination of early morning starts, a long travel day and the altitude, so I’m going to bed early. Tomorrow morning we fly to the Galapagos. From here on its Blue Footed Boobies (sounds like a punch line for a tasteless joke) and giant sea turtles. At least I’ll be at sea level so the sea turtles won’t mistake my labored breathing for a mating call.

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