Bye Bye Bed Bugs

You’ve heard the joke about the man sprinkling anti-elephant powder in the road. A guy walks by and asks, “what are you doing?” He answers, “I’m sprinkling anti-elephant powder.” “But there aren’t any elephants here,” the guy replies.


The man responds with satisfaction, “I guess it works!”

I sort of feel like that guy sprinkling anti-elephant powder. For seven weeks, I sprinkled Proof on every bed I slept in during my recent trip to Bangkok and Indonesia. Proof is an EPA registered bio pesticide that is supposed provide protection against bed bugs. A friend of mine who is the VP of Marketing for the company that manufactures the product asked me to try out the product while I traveled in one of the buggiest regions of the world.

The hotels I stayed in and the ship on which I traveled were clean, upscale and well maintained, so I wasn’t expecting to run into many bugs, bed or otherwise. But the accommodations at the university, where I spent most of my time, were anything but upscale. I did see, and immediately squashed, a few cockroaches during my stay there, but I didn’t encounter any bed bugs.

So unlike the guys in the joke, I didn’t know if there were any bed bugs in the area. But like the joke, “I guess it works.”

Check it out. Let the manufacturers know how it works.



3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bed Bugs

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  2. I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t find anyone who actually used this product and it worked. This article is shitty and ducking pointless. Why not give the bottle to people who actually have mild infestations to see if the product actually works?

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