Dubrovnik From Two Perspectives

The polished marble streets and limestone walls of Dubrovnik’s old city sparkle in the sunshine. But the best way to view them is from atop the walls that circle the city and from Lokrum Island just a short boat ride away.P1050906

I don’t think that even the masters of animation and digital media could create a more beautiful city. Apparently the thousands of people from the cruise ships off shore would agree. After one glance at the hordes of tourists squeezing through the narrow streets of the city, I figured that the best plan was to climb up the dozens of narrow steps to the path atop the walls that encircle the city. I figured that the steep climb would dissuade all but the hardiest and most-highly motivated.

For the most part I was right. The path wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t choked with tourists either. The pictures that follow were taken during the 2-3 hour leisurely walk around the city atop the walls and high above the madding crowd. This is the way to experience Dubrovnik. It also keeps you from spending too much money in the bars, restaurants, and high end shops below.

P1050833 P1050827 P1050825 P1050824 P1050823 P1050822 P1050814 P1050811 P1050809 P1050807 P1050806 P1050803 P1050801 P1050795 P1050794 P1050793 P1050792 P1050789 P1050787 P1050785 P1050783 P1050782

We did venture into the streets below for lunch and to visit the teeny synagogue on a narrow alley-like street off the main drag. P1050841P1050849 P1050846 P1050844The next day we returned to the old city (a two mile walk from our quiet hotel in Lapad, on the harbour on the other side of the peninsula) for a short boat ride to the island of Lokrum, which you can see in the photo taken the day before from atop the wall. P1050834P1050873Lokrum Island is a nature reserve and the site of an 11th Century monastery, an arboretum of more recent origin, and, apparently, a nude beach. We didn’t bother looking for the nude beach. Its a great place to escape the crowds and meander through the forest for a few hours. its also a great place for stunning views of Dubrovnik from offshore, as well as the coast to the south of the city.P1050906 P1050904 P1050894 P1050892 P1050888 P1050887 P1050885 P1050884 P1050883 P1050879 P1050878 P1050877 P1050871 P1050869 P1050866 P1050864 P1050860After two days in Dubrovnik, it was time to head north up the Dalmation Coast to the sparkling city of Split. Check back here in a couple of days.

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