Final Photos from my Sojourn on the River — for now

After four days at the Chatrium Hotel on the Chao Praya River, it was time to head back to the university. No more river views and bountiful buffets for a while.

DSCN0319But like the terminator/governator said in one of his most memorable lines from both his movie and political career, “I’ll be back” (you’ll have to provide the Austrian accent yourself). I’ve enjoyed this retreat so much that I’m coming back next week for a couple of days for my birthday.

Until then, here are a few more images from the river, Asiatique and the belly busting buffets at the Chatrium.

DSCN0406 DSCN0405DSCN0410DSCN0423Note — the night that I partook of the dinner buffet, the seafood barbeque portion of the buffet included three kinds of giant prawns — white prawns, river prawns and the more familiar tiger prawns. So of course, I tried all three to see which one I liked best. It was a tough choice so I had to try another three, and then another…etc. You get the picture. BTW, I never was able to choose a favorite but I sure enjoyed trying.

Following are images from the breakfast buffet.

DSCN0433 DSCN0431This is the dessert room — not table, room!

DSCN0434Can’t wait to come back next week for my birthday.


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