First Place, Six Years in a Row

The North American Travel Journalists Association has just announced the results of their annual competition, and once again, I have won a Gold Medal in the 50+ Travel and Travelers category.

2016 NATJA Awards Gold Winner Seal

The article, “Glutes on Fire on the Kumano Kodo Trail,” won a Gold for internet articles and a Bronze for print.

In addition, the following articles were finalists in the competition:

Cruising Through Time at the Bottom of the World (50+ Travel, print)

Tips for Travelers (50 + Travel, print)

Never Too Old for Adventure (also titled, “A Perfect Storm in the Sea of Cortez”) (50 + Travel, print and internet)

Alaska — Land of Bears, Eagles and Leaping Whales (50 + Travel, internet)

At the moment, I’m resting on my laurels (well, to be more accurate, on my butt) as I recuperate from my total knee replacement surgery a little over two months ago. I’m experiencing little pain and am actually pretty active. I’m walking and climbing and descending stairs almost normally, and I’m back in the gym several days a week. My biggest challenge is being able to bend my knee far enough back to hike steep trails and get in and out of a kayak. I’m not quite there yet, but I am making slow but steady progress.

By late Spring the Adventure Geezer — who is now more “geezer” than “adventure” — should be back.

2 thoughts on “First Place, Six Years in a Row

  1. Mr. Don Mankin: Outstanding article with great details, if it was I was right next to you, I enjoyed reading your literature, and the pictures were cool but I could use my imagination with the hippo, all that I was missing were the scents Too bad you never mention, what do you if the food is really horrible, and or if you have gastro – intestinal up. What do you do? Like if the food is really yucky?

    Do you have a team? Or do you travel alone? I bet you some cool necklaces and stuff too from the local women.

    I am sorry about your total knee replacement, painful if you don’t take care of business, this Geezer is a Nurse by Profession and living vicariously through your
    Published Article’s. I was hurt at work and have significant medical issues, which leave me at home 98% of the alone.

    Go to Aruba sit in the Sun… Take a Breather just Stay away from the Bat Caves.
    Make Sure you get rest before the next Adventure. May I read about your past adventures?

    I live on Central Coast of California: Plenty of Wine, Otters , and where the Mermaids play, The Hearst Castle in San Simeon, Also where largest forensic hospital for the Criminally, Mentally Insane that are deemed too Dangerous to release to the Public, ( Can’t have a bad knee working behind the Sallyport).

    Thank you for your cool articles my biggest Challenge is Insomnia and Wanting to Travel ….like a Bedouin but I am a pretty Geezer how come you never mention the ( toilet’s?)

    I bet your Pass aport is totally Cool, but then there is Customs what a Mess.

    Aruba go fishing/ Swimming , for your bad knee then go to Cuba…. go have a ZaaZaa
    Cafe. and or eat a Mango.


    Thank you , for your Mitzvah,

    Your have a Bad Knee , I am hypothesis a UCLA at Jules Stein :0) I have “Fellow”
    Study my broken Optic Nerve and then Some…



  2. Hi Ron, I’m a big fan of your adventure writing! I’ve published many adventure tales as well…polar bears, orca killer whales, whale sharks…..
    Now I am writing a play about how nature helps us heal through devastation,
    tragedy and confusion. I would love to interview you. Let me know if possible.
    Yours in Adventure, Sharon Spence Lieb/Travel Journalist/Photographer/

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