Galapagos, Day 3

This was the most amazing day of snorkeling I have ever had.


An hour boat ride took us to a remote beach for some wildlife viewing on the rocks and in a brackish pond a short walk inland through a stand of mangrove trees.P1080933

P1090012 P1090007 P1080982After our interlude on land it was back on the boat for a short ride to Kicker Rock, a 400′ foot high solitary spire of sedimentary rock jutting out of the ocean a couple of miles off shore. The rock is split in three, providing two tall, narrow channels between two steep walls of rock extending below water as far as it soars above before disappearing into an eerie dark canyon of nothingness. Our snorkel through the tunnels evoked foreboding images of horror movies yet to be filmed.

P1090025As we snorkeled through the tunnels and around the rock, fighting the current and waves the entire way, we saw sharks, turtles, and lots of big fish, plus sea lions that whizzed by within a foot of our noses.P1020133 P1020122 P1020114 P1020100My photos don’t do justice to what I saw and reveal more about my lack of skills in underwater photography and the limits of the cheapest underwater camera I could find. Nonetheless, you get the picture.

Snorkeling will never be the same after this, but maybe I’ll splurge on a better camera.

(Note — The Adventure Geezer is being hosted by Adventure Life, the tour operator for this trip)

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