Hidden Patagonia

For the next few days we explored Aysen, the Patagonian region that inspired dreamers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs like Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the clothing company, Patagonia, and Doug Tompkins, the founder of Esprit and The North Face.


The first stop on our third day was the Baker River, a roaring turquoise juggernaut of a river, especially at its confluence with the Neff.

P1130373 P1130349 P1130342 P1130339 P1130337P1130439After that we visited Patagonia National Park, created by American conservationist Doug Tompkins before his untimely death in a kayaking mishap on General Carrera Lake, the lake we peered at every day from the windows of our room at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge.

It was a rainy day,P1130383so the best views we had all afternoon were of the many Guanacos that roam the park.

P1130409 P1130392 P1130378

The next day started with an informative tour of the Mallin Colorado property by the 84 year old patriarch who established the property over 25 years ago and has managed it with his wife and seven sons and daughters ever since.

Following that we took advantage of the perfect weather and drove 15 minutes “around the corner” to the picturesque town of Puerto Guadal, tucked into another cove on the lake.

P1130457The views from the cemetery and the road just outside of town were the best so far.

P1130497 P1130496 P1130487 P1130485 P1130483 P1130482 P1130481 P1130480 P1130475 P1130469 P1130458P1130455.The next day we headed north for very different views, just as gorgeous, and very different experiences. More on that in my next post, but for now., enjoy the photos as we make our way north. P1130512 P1130556 P1130550 P1130549 P1130548 P1130535P1130546 P1130542 P1130540 P1130539 P1130538P1130522 P1130519 P1130517 P1130516 P1130515 P1130513[ Note — Don and Katherine’s trip is being hosted by Mallin Colorado Lodge and Adventure Life.]

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