Kayaking the Los Angeles River

Would you believe big blue herons within a mile of the strip malls and traffic on Ventura Blvd in the heart of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley?


Not just one, but several, including a baby…

DSCN0641….and white herons….

DSCN0618…and other birds and ducks, up close on the river banks or swooping overhead.

All of this, plus an easy, pleasant, scenic paddle on a stretch of the infamous Los Angeles River on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon.

DSCN0639Even a little bit of white water.

DSCN0647The 2.5 hour paddle through the Sepulveda River Basin just a few minutes from the Burbank Blvd exit on the 405 (aka the San Diego Freeway) is offered by LA River Expeditions during a 10 week season in the summer. Not only does it showcase recent efforts to restore sections of a river better known as a set for movies featuring car chases and drag races, it also offers yet another way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles.

And when you’re finished, its only a short hop to one of the delis, taco stands, and Persian restaurants that line Ventura Blvd.




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