The “Troubles” in Belfast…

…are far behind. Sunny botanical gardens, lots of beer and traditional Irish music and some of the friendliest people I have ever met — this is Belfast today.

P1090405For the last two and a half days Katherine and I have been walking all over the city and, wouldn’t you know it, I am already two days behind in my blog. Too much beer to drink and music to hear. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogs.

The photos are from the Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite places in Belfast. The one above and the two below were taken in the Tropical Ravine, a building from the mid 19th Century with a lush collection of plants more evocative of Bali than Belfast. P1090402 P1090404The last two were taken in the Rose Garden as it desperately hangs on to the last petals of summer in the first frosty gusts of autumn.P1090430


More tomorrow….

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