Three Soggy Days in Amsterdam

Not from falling in the water, though I came close leaning out of the boat to take photos on our tour of the canals.P1080942

For most of the three days we spent in Amsterdam after my WWII-themed bike trip in the eastern Netherlands, it rained. Not a problem when you are going to museums, which we did, but a significant problem when you are walking around or taking a boat tour of the canals.

Nonetheless, I managed to get a few decent photos of the canals, plus shots inside the Rijksmuseum, the largest museum in the Netherlands, and the Portuguese Synagogue, the spiritual heart of one of the largest and richest Jewish communities in Europe before it was all but wiped out during the Holocaust. Check out the photos below.

P1080950 P1080949 P1080942 P1080940 P1080934 P1080932 P1080930 P1080929 P1080922 P1080919 P1080918 P1080915 P1080914 P1080913 P1080905 P1080902 P1080899 P1080891 P1080885 P1080876 P1080873 P1080862 P1080861 P1080858 P1080836We are now on the Bohuslan Coast (don’t know how to add the umlaut over the “a”) of western Sweden celebrating the 50 anniversary of my first adventure trip and the one that ignited my interest in travel. That trip started when I arranged for the purchase of a new Volvo (about $2500 in those days) in Sweden, picked it up at the factory in Gothenburg and drove it around Sweden, Finland and Norway for several weeks.

Yesterday I picked up a new Volvo at the factory in Gothenburg (a loaner for this trip) and began our week long exploration of western and southern Sweden, areas that I didn’t get a chance too explore on my visit in 1969. We are now in Marstrand. I’ll tell you more (with photos) in a couple of days. If I can figure out the navigation system, I’ll also¬†fill you in on our other destinations as we make our way around the region.

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