Zany Zagreb

Zany? Maybe not, but I couldn’t resist another alliteration. It could have been worse. How about Zarathustrian Zagreb? I have no idea what that means. I just like the sound of it.P1050767

In any case, Zagreb was a surprise. We only had one day here, but we made good use of it, walking all over the city, from the lower city, through the market in the upper city, to a park where Katherine channeled her inner child on a playground swing, to the Museum of Contemporary Art, with some of the most interesting, and yes, depressing art I’ve ever seen. P1050679



P1050699 P1050702 P1050708 P1050713 P1050715 P1050716 P1050725 P1050729 P1050740 P1050745 P1050746 P1050751 P1050753 P1050754 P1050756 P1050759Next stop Dubrovnik. No more alliterations. I promise.

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