Bangkok to Bali, Bedlam to Bliss

It wasn’t easy getting here, but as you can see from the photo I’m enjoying every minute.

DSCN0573I woke at 2:30 am for my 3:30 ride to the airport to catch a 6:15 flight to Bali. It soon became clear that my driver either wasn’t told or forgot that I was leaving from Don Muang airport, the old airport north of the city, instead of Suvarnabuhmi, the new airport far to the west. After being in Bangkok for over 5 weeks, I knew enough about the city to realize early on that he was taking me to the wrong airport.

After repeated repetitions of “Don Muang,” each one louder and more frantic, he was finally able to cut through my mangled pronunciation and figure out what I was so desperately trying to tell him. He then made up for the lost time by driving like a maniac to Don Muang. We had plenty of time, but I wasn’t about to engage in another futile attempt at communication. I just hung on and prayed to Buddha.

The flight was on Asia’s version of Ryan Air — ergo the use of the old airport — so the plane was filled with an assortment of twenty something surfers and hippies from around the globe. I hadn’t seen that many tattoos since I left Venice Beach.

The plan was that I would wait at the airport until Katherine’s flight from Los Angeles arrived 4+ hours later. I’m not sure that was the best plan. Her flight was almost an hour late and she was delayed by another half hour because her one piece of luggage, a duffel, was still in Los Angeles.

Again my voice went up a few decibels as I tried to explain to the representative from the airline that we were leaving in a day and half for a sailing trip, so the duffel had to get here the next day. We were assured that it will get here in time, so we have spent the day relaxing on the beach and in the pool of the Sanur Beach Hotel, where we are staying, for the bag to arrive.

P1070998It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m not worried…..

DSCN0584(note — not sure about the internet connections while we are on the boat so it may be a few days before I can post again)


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