Beautiful Big Bend

If you like rugged canyons, mountains and deserts, Big Bend is the place to go.

P1100141My internet connection is lousy, so this is just about all I can upload right now. The rest may have to wait until I get home next week.

Update — connection is better this morning so I’m going to dump all of my photos in the post and organize and explain later after today’s canoe trip on the Rio Grande.

P1100078 P1100081 P1100111 P1100113 P1100118 P1100125 P1100133 P1100150 P1100157 P1100185 P1100190 P1100174 P1100198 P1100204(Don and Katherine’s trip is being hosted by the Brewster County Tourism Council. For more information on Big Bend travel, see Big Bend Texas Travel Company)



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