Kayaking With Orcas in the Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island

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All photos (see below) except the first were taken by our guide, Sophie Ballagh. Sophie had a much better camera than I did. Plus, as the guide she was the boss and was able to put herself in the best position to catch photos of the orcas swimming by (just kidding…). This trip inspired me to spend the money for a better camera. You should see the results of my investment in later posts. You can tell me whether the investment paid off. Continue reading

Contemplating Mortality on the Big Island of Hawaii

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Yes, the title is different than the one I use here. This is the original title, the one I much prefer. For some inexplicable reason, the editors at the Post changed it. Alas, they made other changes as well, none for the better, including a weird link to my web page from the phrase “The destination at the top of the road” at the beginning of the fifth paragraph. I have tried to get them to change it but so far to no avail…. Continue reading