Getting My Kicks on Route 66

We are in Chicago to begin a 12 day drive in a caravan of seven vehicles along Rt 66 with Two Lane America, my host for this trip, to the Santa Monica Pier, just two miles from our home.


The trip actually began for me in New York, to attend the Vision Festival in Brooklyn, a week long celebration of avant garde art, especially jazz. Among many highlights the  festival featured what may well have been the most explosive, passionate, and absorbing performance I have ever experienced in over 60 years of live shows, by guitarist Marc Ribot and his band Nick Dunston (bass), Jay Rodriquez (reeds), Chad Taylor (drums).

Of course I also took a day or two to explore Manhattan before heading to Chicago for the start of the trip. IMG_0114

Before the trip begins this morning, Katherine and I had a brief opportunity last night to check out some of the sights of downtown Chicago near our hotel, The Palmer House, including the mammoth sculptures by Calder IMG_5136and Picasso. IMG_7758This morning we hit the road and begin “getting our kicks on Rt 66.”

More to come……

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