Trekking Through Tuscany

You would think that after 5 days of hiking, I would lose a couple of pounds. Apparently not when you’re trekking through Tuscany.P1050385

I’m in Montecatina Terme in the heart of Tuscany for the annual Summit of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. As in past years, the meeting has been preceded by a PSA, a “pre-summit adventure,” typically multiple days of hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, etc. that showcase the region where the Summit is held.

So, for the last 5 days, I have been hiking — and eating and drinking — on the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage trail that runs from Canterbury, England, to Rome. The trip, which is being hosted by the Italian adventure travel company, S-cape Travel, is not an easy hike, with lots of ups and downs on steep, rocky trails through rolling countryside, but it is well worth the considerable effort. The trail runs past farms, fields, vineyards, and stately houses, and through forests, villages, hamlets and historical towns, such as Sienna and Lucca. On the way, we visited castles, spas, a marble foundry, and an all female winery where we tasted wine paired with music by Verdi, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa. We ate very well, as you can imagine, including several lavish picnic lunches along the way.

And one of the unexpected highlights was a brief conversation with a 75 year old pilgrim from Canada, who had been hiking the Via Francigena for several weeks. More on that later.

Following the Summit, Katherine and I will head to Florence for a few days, then spend about 9 days in Croatia, and cap off the trip with 4 days in Sarajevo for the 32nd annual jazz festival featuring my favorite musician, John Zorn. So, there will be much more to come. Until then, enjoy the many photos from this first leg of our trip.


P1050197 P1050216 P1050212 P1050207 P1050206 P1050199

P1050513 P1050508 P1050507 P1050503 P1050494

P1050492 P1050491 P1050485 P1050484 P1050477


P1050457 P1050448 P1050445 P1050440 P1050437 P1050436

P1050428 P1050425 P1050423 P1050422 P1050420 P1050418

P1050411 P1050410 P1050408 P1050403 P1050391 P1050387

P1050381 P1050373 P1050371 P1050368 P1050365

P1050360 P1050358 P1050357 P1050356 P1050352

P1050350 P1050346 P1050336 P1050331 P1050328

P1050326 P1050325 P1050323 P1050319 P1050312

P1050309 P1050297 P1050296 P1050286 P1050282

P1050277 P1050275 P1050274 P1050272 P1050269

P1050267 P1050266 P1050264 P1050261 P1050260

P1050253 P1050251 P1050250 P1050247 P1050246

P1050244 P1050243 P1050240 P1050234 P1050229

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