Back on the Road with the Adventure Geezer (Lyon, France)

Well, not on the road exactly, but on the river, the Rhone River from Lyon to Arles through the heart of French wine country.

P1000034I figured that the best way to ease back into the adventure life less than seven months after my total knee replacement was to take it easy and drink a lot of wine on a wine-themed river cruise run by AmaWaterways, the pioneer of European river cruises.

So here I am, three days into the seven day trip. I’ve been drinking way too much wine — really good wine, much better than I am used to — to write very much right now, so let me just whet your appetite with a bunch of photos from the first three days. Once I’ve sobered up, I’ll tell you more about what I’ve been doing. Until then, this is the first batch, all taken in and around Lyon.

P1000037 P1000038 P1000040 P1000046 P1000050 P1000052 P1000067 P1000071 P1000077 P1000081P1000025P1000030P1000135 P1000196
P1000191 P1000178 P1000177 P1000176 P1000173 P1000171 P1000169 P1000166 P1000163 P1000162 P1000158 P1000152 P1000137 P1000135 P1000134

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